How to Customise Fencing fora Period Style Home

Period style homes have a distinctive charm and when you are adding new elements to the home, you have to consider how this will add to the authenticity of the home and improve the visual appeal. By selecting the right fencing, you can ensure that the historical aesthetics are complemented along with fulfilling the functional requirements such as security and privacy.

You can research architectural styles to get an idea of the design elements of each era.

You can research the characteristic features of the period that your house aligns with so that you have a good idea of the shapes, materials and decorative details that are unique to it. You can have a better understanding of how to choose the right fencing design when you have this information. You can also contact here to select the right supplier to customise fencing for your home. By selecting a supplier that is already aware of the differences in architectural styles and has a reputation for catering to period homes, you can ensure the authenticity of your home. You have to choose the right materials to achieve the right look. If you have a Victorian home, you can use ornate metal or wrought iron fencing as this suit the design elements of the period. Wooden picket fencing will suit a Craftsman-style residence perfectly.

You need to check the historical accuracy of the materials

And also consider whether these materials are able to withstand the elements. You can also work with the supplier to find weather resistant materials that mimic the appearance of the material you are looking for. This will improve the durability of the fencing. There are different fencing styles when it comes to different historical periods. Ornate details are quite common in Victorian homes and there are many decorative patterns in the wrought or cast iron fencing of this period. Wrought iron accents will also suit a Tudor style residence with brick or stone walls. By sticking with the fencing style of your house’s period, you can ensure that it integrates easily into its architecture. Decorative details are a great way to customise the fencing. You can use lattice work, finials and scrolls so that the design aesthetics of the chosen era can be prioritised. This will add to the visual interest of the fencing so that your home looks truly unique.

Make sure to coordinate the colours of the fencing with the house

And the colour palettes of the chosen period. Dark green or black colour fencing will easily suit a Victorian home while white picket fences will go well with Colonial homes. The intricate detailing of the fence should align with the chosen period. Consider the architectural features of the house and its entry points when placing the gate. This will be the focal point and you can improve the curb appeal of the house by carefully choosing the design of the gate. You can also check for fence heights that were quite common during the chosen period. You need to make sure that the height of the fence balances well with the scale of the home and its proportions.