Renting a house for new house owners can be harder than it seems

Renting your home can be a great income option for some homeowners. This practical guide will help you understand the steps you need to take before you can get a tenant in your home. Sometimes getting a good tenant is the most difficult task.

Allowing tenants to come into your home can be a great way to generate additional income instead of selling your property.  There are important checks and arrangements, to make sure your home and tenants are safe before you open the door. You need to follow strict rules when you are a property owner and establish the appropriate insurance.  If you are considering renting a home, here’s what you have to know.

Find a good tenant:

You can find tenants through ads in local newspapers, both in print and online.  Also share information with friends, family, and colleagues.

Ask potential tenants to complete a questionnaire that contains basic information: name, employer, salary, previous landlord, and referrals.  You will need their social security number and a signed authorization for a credit and criminal record check.  If you hire an online an agency, make sure it is a recognized agency to avoid unnecessary problems.

Do your research:

Credit report pulls out.  You can do your research through one of the credit reporting agencies.

Look at the crime record.  Search for state and local records online, or find an agency.

Check the certificate, contact the employer and talk to the previous landlord.

Decide how much to rent:

Get an idea of the amount of rent by checking rental signs in newspapers, online sources or nearby.  Be practical about the rental.  The rent may be lower than your mortgage, but if you want to get a tenant, the rent should be comparable to what is available in the market.

Protect your property with insurance:

It is significant to protect your property with the right insurance policy. If you rent your property to a tenant without using it as your primary residence, you need a separate policy. This policy, also known as rental insurance. This covers fire insurance when your home needs design, legal fees, medical expenses, and repairs.  You should encourage tenants to obtain tenant insurance because they are not responsible for the property.

Hire a management company:

Property management company will take care of the house and be responsible for collecting the rent. They will also provide services like paying for renovations, finding good tenants and so on.

Prepare proper evacuation:

You will need a lawyer to evict the tenant. If the tenant does not leave reluctantly, you cannot take his personal belongings and throw them away. You have to go to court and get the mayor out, and if that person doesn’t move voluntarily, he has to be physically removed.

These are a few things to consider for a safe renting of your property. Being kind to tenants are essential. When you follow all the safety measures, the relationship between you and the tenant is going to remain the same.

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