Locations Where Non-Skid Tape is Used

There can be so many accidents in the workplace and there have been many methods that have been used to prevent this. Some of the common accidents are slipping and falling. When such an accident occurs, the employee will take time off work and a high rate of accidents can actually bring the productivity of the company down.

One of the ways of preventing accidents from slipping hazards can be done by making people more aware of the hazard and a common method is the use of anti-slip tape. There are many things that lead to the ground being slippery such as the surface being wet or it being covered in certain materials such as powder or dust as in certain workplaces or factory settings.

Then is are certain maintenance work such as polishing or cleaning floors that can increase the chances of a person slipping and falling. Then there are floor areas where the ground is not level such as stairs, ramps etc. where people need extra care in accessing. This tape is also called non-skid or traction tape as well. What it does is increase the friction between the surface of the floor and the bottom of the shoes of a worker so that slipping is reduced.

You can see non-skid tape used in so many applications. One of the first places you will see this in a building is at the entrance. There is a high chance for water to be at the entrance that has been due to either rain or snow. And when there is water on the ground, it increases the chances of slipping. So it is always a good idea to use non-skid tape in entrances as this is an area that is prone to be wet most of the time. And then there are stairs and ramps that we use for access. There are many chances for a person slipping while climbing stairs especially if the risers are uneven or if the surface of the stairs is slippery. To prevent this and also to let everyone know where the edge of the step ends and begins, non-skid tape is applied on top.

Ramps don’t have a level surface and people tend to experience many falls on them. Sometimes the edge of the ramp may not be very clear. To help with all this, non-skid tape used on the ramps to help people navigate them safely. And it is also very easy to use this tape as all you need to do is cut the length you want and paste them on the ground. Sometimes, there are precut tapes that you can purchase. It is usually high traffic areas where non-skid tape is used.

Another such example is loading docks. The floor can get slippery easily when there is rainy weather. Also loading docks tend to have ramps and ledges that can make the area even more unsafe. So it is very important to have non-skid tape in such areas. Another place that can get wet due to weather and sometimes cleaning procedures is garages. Sometimes there can be oil on the floor or dirt brought in by vehicle tires which can become a slipping hazard. So make sure that the walkways in garages always have non-skid tape to ensure the safety of the pedestrians.