Basic Guide to Hybrid Flooring

There are many varieties of flooring available depending on your budget, purpose, aesthetic appeal etc. Hybrid flooring is one of the flooring types that is available in the market that is a combination of two common flooring types. These two types are vinyl flooring and laminate flooring. You may have heard of these flooring types as they are commonly used in residential and commercial applications. They both have their pros and cons.

When considering laminate planks, they don’t need to be glued to the subfloor. You can simply install it on top of an underlay. However, it doesn’t do well in high moisture content environments and most have a tendency to swell along the joints when exposed to water. Vinyl can withstand water better but you need to glue the planks to the subfloor. There are new vinyl types that have been invented with a lock and groove system which can be installed without glue as well. The benefits you gain from laminate and vinyl are both combined in hybrid flooring. You will be able to install the hybrid flooring the same way you do laminate as a floating floor and it will have the resistance to water that vinyl has as well. You can look at various colours available in hybrid flooring by clicking for more information. 

However, hybrid floors are manufactured differently from laminate flooring. There is a compressed fibre core in laminate flooring. This is what starts to swell when it gets wet. As a solution to this problem, hybrid flooring comes with an inert polymer core that will not react with the water. There are multiple layers in the flooring to aid its stability, acoustics and there are several protective layers on top as well. The locking system in laminate flooring will be found in hybrid flooring as well. When you contact a company to install the flooring, they will first remove the existing floor coverings to ensure that you get a smooth and clean subfloor. The planks will be laid row after row. They will be tapped into place by a rubber mallet. You need to decide the direction of the plank. The company designers will recommend an orientation that will give a more spacious impression of the space. The existing skirting will also be removed if there are different skirting options that will go better with the colour of the hybrid floor. The new skirting will be installed at the final stage.

It is very easy to install hybrid flooring and it can be laid quickly as well. There is less preparation you have to carry out regarding the subfloor. In addition to water, this flooring is resistant to heat as well which makes it ideal for hot climates. It can withstand temperature changes and you will instantly feel a difference when you step onto the floor. It will look very similar to natural timber and feel comfortable under your feet. This is largely due to the multiple layers within the plank. It is an affordable flooring option as well. 

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